Residential Interior Designer and Stylist in North London
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I create Honest & Relaxed spaces that combine good design with great organisation to make your home work for YOU and YOUR family.

Working with YOU to create homes and rooms that are a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

I guide YOU through this process with meticulous attention to detail, spending time together to understand YOUR individual needs.

I support YOU in completing the project and making it come to life.

My process is just as much about our relationship together as it is the design elements.

I will work with you to understand your style, your tastes and your personality as well as the practical lifestyle needs that you and your family have, to create a unique space that feels like you - that feels like home. A space where you can relax and feel a sense of joy and calm at the end of a long day.

I want to know where you sit and have your coffee in the morning and where your family needs to store their muddy boots. This is about design that uniquely works for you.

I will fully manage the process from conception to that final moment when you walk into your space and feel the joy of everything coming together.
Interior designer North London
You gain the desired result
I work with a small number of private clients at any one time. For this reason, you'll receive my deep immersion in the process and my support in completing the project. That's why, you will gain the desired result.


Explore my packages and choose the one that suits you.

Contact me to order your design project.

I provide services in Russian and English.
Refurbishment or Restyling

You've just moved to a new empty property and need help filling it in the right way that works for your style?

Or need a little help to finish up the room or restyle it with home decor and furniture items?

I will help you to find the main ideas of your interior design concept, the right colour combination scheme and pattern; thoughtful furniture floor plan layout and helpful suggestions.
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Do you want significant changes in your home?

This is a bespoke interior design service. I guide you at every stage of renovation, from planning the concept scheme, furniture layouts, wall and floor finishes, lighting plans to window treatments and decor.

I will help you to start and complete the project with all the small details and aspects of the interior design of your space.
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Personalised two hours
Use this service if you need specific help or advice from me.

You'll receive my deep immersion in the process. I will use all my knowledge and 10 years of my experience to advise on any of your interior design dilemmas.

A 2-hour onsite or online consultation will be followed up with a written report and useful suggestions from me.
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Several common reasons why you might ask for my help:

  • You have moved to a new place and want to make it feel like home.
  • You are planning to make a renovation and need someone to design your future space
  • You need a professional to design your home space and coordinate the builders onsite
  • You are tired after doing renovations for many months and with just one step left-you need to choose the right furniture, accessories and colour for the walls to give your home that complete look.
  • You feel that your space looks slightly dated, dull or you just want to make a change to enjoy your home and feel joy from every corner.
  • You have a lot of ideas, saving lovely interior pictures, creating mood boards, having a list of favorite furniture and home décor but you doubt yourself and can't choose which items will suit each other and your home concept.
  • You have already had furniture and home decor that you like but feel that the room still doesn't look complete. Maybe something is missing or you have too many items and just need a fresh look and advice from a professional.
  • You realise that finding and choosing furniture, decor and colour concepts for your home is a time-consuming process and you are ready to delegate it to a professional to make your life easier. You just want to say YES or NO for making the final decisions.
  • You have chosen furniture, some home décor but you are not 100% sure about the colour/ forms/sizes and need advice before purchasing.
  • You want to change the wall/floor colour or choose a new material for surfaces but don't want to make the wrong decision and need help.
  • Want to save money from buying unnecessary, inappropriate and irrational items for your home.
  • Want to prepare the private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace.
The main thing is to keep a balance and to be honest with your own feelings about the style.
  • My style is modern and contemporary with eclectic notes. I adore tactile materials with different types of textures. It brings a unique look to the space but doesn't overload it.
  • A pinch of glossy or shiny elements is a must. They bring a sense of discreet luxury and dynamism when combined with matte items in the space.
  • Hues of greens and blues are my favourite, especially deep shades. Together with light materials, these colours bring a feel of freshness and spaciousness into the space. They give a cozy and cocooning mood during the dark time of the day.
  • I really like to create uncluttered spaces and choose simple forms of furniture. Using accessories and textiles is really important to me. Together with details of the interior, they make the space unique.
  • I enjoy exploring the history of the building and designing a harmonious project with the heritage of the house.
  • I like to combine sharp and round forms; curvy and straight lines; rough and smooth shapes; hard and soft surfaces.

My clients and I work as a team
The more I know about your personality and lifestyle; demands and requirements; what you like, what you don't like; the budget, your concerns and even crazy ideas the better I can understand your concept and bring it to life.

A sense of trust and mutual understanding will allow us to work together to build your dream space.
  • Client, London, Walthamstow
    Maria Mityagina
    Tatiana Lang was really helpful and could create a very cosy and stylish bedroom and living room for our family! She satisfied our demands 100%!
  • Client, London, Muswell Hill
    Elena Banina
    Tatiana Lang, thank you for your great work! It was so easy to follow your suggestions, bring the whole look together and create my dream living room and dining room!
  • Client, London, Muswell Hill
    Nicky Pailing
    Wonderful experience. Incredibly helpful from start to finish. Every detail was well thought through and felt our style and ideas were well listened to. Really good value for money. Highly recommend.
  • Client, London, Dollis Hill
    Anna Lopez
    Tatiana is a brilliant and talented interior designer. She knows how to listen and carefully access that a client is asking her as well as advise something interesting and sophisticated. Her project of renovating and decorating our tiny living room went so well that our family can enjoy lots of time together in a cozy and beautiful environment. I highly recommend Tatiana to everyone who is searching for a specialist with a perfect set of skills, knowledge of the market and attentive to details. She will definitely find a way how to build what you need in your space.
  • Client, North Finchley
    I was so lucky to find Tatiana to design my ground floor. As a designer, she could understand our demands and create a unique look for the living room and kitchen with dinning area. She created a great project while implementing some of my dreams with her invaluable ideas that made our house so much better. I definitely would recommend Tatiana.
  • Client, Muswell Hill
    Olga Croft
    Absolutely would recommend Tatiana and her services to anyone looking to get help with making their house beautiful! Very professional, very easy to get along with and very adaptive in case your ideas or budget change. I'm very happy with the space we created together.
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