House Refurbishment, Crouch End, North London

The project is a contemporary detached house. It was with standard grey walls, grey kitchens, and lighting scenarios.

The clients wanted to infuse the space with individuality and colour became the most significant tool to bring their ideas to life. In addition, we incorporated some of the client's existing furniture into the project.

The final result of the redecoration was a soft and feminine open-plan kitchen with a seating area featuring a flourish pattern and pinkish walls, and a deep blue, masculine lounge room. The hallway serves as a transition between the two spaces, leading to a spacious upper level with bedrooms.
House Refurbishment, Crouch End, North London Interior Designer
House Refurbishment, Crouch End, North London Interior Designer
House Refurbishment, Crouch End, North London Interior Designer

Living Room Refurbishment, MUSWELL HILL, London

A family of four moved to a lovely new house, but they didn't feel a real home in their new place. The property was plain without any personality.

I revamped the room and reflected the family's lifestyle in the interior design. The combination of green and earthy browns, along with deep orange colours, brought life into the place. Different materials and forms' combinations made the space cosy. Art, various sculptures, vases, and other interior decor expressed the individuality of the place.
Living Room Refurbishment, MUSWELL HILL, North London Interior designer
Living Room Refurbishment, MUSWELL HILL, North London Interior designer
Living Room Refurbishment, MUSWELL HILL, North London Interior designer

Bedroom Revamp, MUSWELL HILL, London


My client moved to a new place with her family and wanted to make it feel like home. The main requirements were:
-combine existing classic dining table and chairs with new modern storage furniture and decor.
- use more wooden materials and add home decor items
- make the space sophisticated by adding some calm colours.

Her beautiful garden inspired me to add greenish accents to the scheme. It linked the indoors with the outdoors and created a peaceful mood. Mango wood sideboard with green patina, leaves pattern on the Roman blinds and pot plants support the nature theme.Brass and gold home decor, gloss lighting and a pinch of red elements make the space more fascinating.

As a result, the dining room has a completed look and express my client's style and requirements.



The family, with two kids, built a small extension into a south-facing garden that made a difference.
The clients asked for my help in choosing the kitchen layout, colour combination and tile for a backsplash; flooring; lighting decisions and several furniture items.

They wanted to create an informal and cozy family kitchen, that would look nice and warm even during the messy and chaotic periods.

Wood flooring and yellow splashback brought warmness into the scheme. Grey kitchen and black details add light contrast to the scheme.

The bay window area gave an opportunity to create a cozy place with two teal armchairs. The couple enjoys spending their evenings with a cup of tea there in a peaceful atmosphere when the kids are in their beds.

Choosing special chalkboard paint for the wall allowed the client to add a feeling of privacy to the area. In addition, the kids have fun doodling while waiting for their dinner.

The focal point of the dining area is the ceiling lamps fixed in the recess of the skylight. This smart idea kept the light above the dining table. It's especially noticeable during the evening time when the switched-on feature adds a cocooning feeling to the area.


When my clients have moved to a new house, they asked me to help make their home a place that reflects their lifestyle and individuality. It's a family with two little kids, and they like to invite friends and have fun.

I created a new design for the dining area and the master bedroom. My clients like bold colours and playful design.

The colourful dining area looks joyful and shiny in the north-face room. The same colour scheme is repeated in the master bedroom but in a calmer version. A deep blue wall adds calmness and cosiness during the dark time of the day. Together with a white bed and light grey flooring, they bring a feel of freshness and spaciousness into the south faced room. Various patterns and textures give the room an attractive look.
This project was done for a very modern and creative lady. She is obsessed with eye-catching but practical items. The lady asked to organise living and breakfast areas, a TV zone and a home office..
This is a loft-style apartment of a 1930's building, which was once a warehouse and was converted into residential apartments. The project was created for a couple in their late 30's. They wanted the apartment to have a comfortable, contemporary, modern city feel to it and the scheme to have sophistication, individuality and style.

The couple in their mid-30s prefers a classic/contemporary look and they would like the space to feel calm, relaxing and comfortable whilst having an element of the unexpected! Their style preferences could be described as elegant and serene with a little bit of glamour.

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