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I provide services in Russian and English.
Interior styling
from 750 for one room
Just need a little help? This service allows you to finish up the look of the room and put all the design schemes together.

I will help you to find the main ideas of your interior design concept, the right colour combination scheme and pattern; thoughtful furniture floor plan layout and helpful suggestions.
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Interior design
from £1100 for one room
Do you want changes in your home and to revamp your space?

Or you've just moved to a new empty property and need help filling it in the right way that works for your style?

This package will give you the confidence to make the right choices and to complete your project. Online service is available too.
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Bespoke Consultation
£300 for 2 hours
Use this service if you need specific help or advice from me.

You'll receive my deep immersion in the process. I will use all my knowledge and 10 years of my experience to advise on any of your interior design dilemmas.

A 2-hour onsite or online consultation will be followed up with a written report and useful suggestions from me.
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Styling Interiors For Photoshoots
from £400 for one room
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