Features of the English pub interior design

English pubs are significant in their historical charm. Old pub's buildings save their history and present you the spirit of epochs.

When you enter inside the building you feel its brutal temper. It contrasts with a warm and cosy atmosphere that softly envelops you.

A heavy looking bar counter and dark wood furniture with leather upholstery bring masculine character to the space. It's intensified by deep red, blue, brown or green colours on the walls. Moreover, dark shades add drama into the room too. They work together with muffed light from iron wall cones, candles, and a fireplace filling the space with homeliness.

You can catch sight of black and white or slightly faded photos on the walls. Pictures of the pub building, favourite visitors, events or local famous buildings from different years retell you the history of the pub and area.

Some carved woodwork details and few vintage furniture items help to express the individuality and originality of each pub. These kinds of details combine well with the untreated stone of the fireplace or part of the wall providing a typical informal atmosphere of the place.

As you see, not only a pint of favourite beer can awake the desire to hang out at the English pub. The interior design is very important to produce the right feelings in the right place.

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