You will get:

  • In-depth analysis of your requirements
  • Creating a brief
  • Advice on colour scheme. Including wall paint, wallpaper, fabric and hard surfaces.
  • Floor plan - up to two versions of the scale-furniture layout
  • Two versions of the digital mood board/collage
  • Two rounds of concept review
  • Furniture, textile and décor suggestions
  • Room Visualisation (minimum two different views)
  • One physical colour board with paint chips, wallpaper, fabric and hard samples of your chosen scheme out of the two, to be posted out to you. (When samples are available from the supplier). All materials and items will be chosen according to your budget.
  • My personal home visits during the preparation the final project and during the realisation of the project to meet with the contractors
  • 8 Weeks of design support via email/video call/WhatsApp
  • Personal shopping in London for up to 6 hours
  • Shopping list with active links of 12 furniture or home decor items (it does not include window treatment design)
  • Sourcing more items - 10% fee of the RRP
  • *My personal home visits up to 5 times during the preparation of the final project and 5 times during the realisation of the project to meet with the contractors
  • Project coordination is available for an additional price
  • Access to trade discount
Honesty & simplicity in relationships with my clients
Honesty and simplicity in relationships with my clients help me to work very closely with you to get to know more about you as a person.
During a typical 1-room project, we will spend around 8 weeks discussing and finding out more about the preferences, demands and intricacies of your lifestyle.

Every time we catch up I get to know your personality better and better. Having a personal touch with my clients has helped me to create and express character in their interior design projects and has added more layers of detail to my work.
Free online video consultation
We will discuss your initial enquiries and the ways I can help you. It will take 20-30 minutes.
A 2-hour initial consultation onsite. It is a very important part of the project. The in-depth analysis of your requirements will allow me to create the concept board that suits you. I will take measurements and photos of your space. Moreover, this step is the chance to get to know each other better.

Online service is available. You need to provide before the BRIEFING:
- photos of your room (usually 5 to 8 photos from different views);
- measurements of your room. Please, make sure they are accurate as this is your responsibility
Concept board and floor plan
The design process starts here. I will prepare 2 concept boards and 2 furniture layouts for you. I will present them in around 2 weeks after our initial consultation onsite. Sometimes we need to meet one more time online or onsite to check some details during my preparation work.
Visualisation of the concept
You will get collage/2D visualisation of your interior.
Annotated floor plan.
Personal shopping, shopping list and floor plan with measurements
Following your confirmation and agreement on the previous steps, I will send you a shopping list and floor plan with measurements.

I will post you one physical colour board with paint chips, wallpaper, fabric and hard samples of your chosen scheme. (When samples are available from the supplier.)

Personal shopping in London furniture and home accessories stores allows you to try out the furniture that you have chosen onsite.

I'm ready to help you and support your project by e-mail/WhatsApp for up to 8 weeks.

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"Full Interior Design Services"

These are only a part of the information that you will get when we work together.

All the projects are different. You can count on me to guide you through the entire process with meticulous attention to detail, spending time together to understand your individual needs. I will support you in completing the project and making it come to life.
I work very closely with my clients; we meet every one or two weeks throughout the project.

We share our thoughts and pictures through your choice of messenger. I usually create a group in the messenger if the process involves multiple people. It can be any family member or friend whose opinion is valuable to the process.
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