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Less is more.

Trends in interior design
In the last year all of us spent a lot of time at home like never before. And of course, willy-nilly, we began to think about the place where we live and what objects surround us. After all, it is much more pleasant to be in a cozy space. We asked Tatiana Lang, an interior designer in London, to share what is in trend now and how to make a home stylish and beautiful.
Interior designer stylist North London
- Tatiana, how did you become an interior designer?

- I first came into the world of design in 2010 when I got a job at BoConcept in Moscow. It is an internationally renowned furniture brand from Denmark. The style and concept of this company turned out to be very close to me. Before moving to London, I managed five stores of this brand. When I moved to the UK and went on maternity leave, I found a new way of personal development. I studied Interior Design at the London School of Design KLC.

I enjoy finding an appropriate design for my clients that suits their needs and style. I specialise in contemporary design taking into account the history and heritage of the house.

I live in a very green, cozy and incredibly soulful place in North London - Muswell Hill. This amazing place inspires creativity. My husband and I love to wander along the forest paths with our children or spend time at local cafes.

Interior designer stylist North London
- What kind of service do you offer to your clients?

- I receive many requests for styling a room or creating a completely new design for all house either owned or rented. People increasingly want to make their home cosy, comfortable and beautiful because of the pandemic. They desire every corner of the room evoke positive emotions. Sometimes clients just need a little help to put all of their design ideas together.

- Where do you find inspiration?

- Nature became my inspiration during the winter lockdown. I also use online resources: blogs, webinars, thematic web sites and podcasts, which provide a huge number of new ideas and tips for my projects. Now shops are open, and soon it will be possible to go to exhibitions - I really miss them.

- What is the main thing in the interior in your opinion?

- The main thing in the interior is not about the What but about the Who. The centre of the interior design is personality. So, it is very important to find your style in which you will feel comfortable; and to express it through colours, shapes and textures. Then you can create a place that is close to yourself and as pleasant as possible for your life.

Interior designer stylist North London
- What is the traditional English style for you?

- The English style has changed over time and has many trends and varieties. If not going deep into the history, I can highlight several typical features of the English style living room.

Firstly, of course, it is a fireplace. It is a significant part of houses and retains the charm and spirit of the eras.

Secondly, a comfortable sofa and an armchair on wooden legs will definitely stand near the fireplace. Solid wood and natural upholstery materials are used for the furniture. A huge amount of textiles with various prints add cosiness and personality to the style. Combinations of smalls and large patterns; Damascus, floral print, Polkadot are very popular.

Thirdly, combinations of different colours and shades are used in the English style. Beige, muted red, cool blue, grey and green are very common.

Fourthly, the room can be decorated with columns, pilasters, mouldings and borders. They came from ancient architecture.

And finally, details such as a crystal chandelier, table lamps with a fabric shade, candlesticks, porcelain and silverware, carpets and paintings complete the styling of the living room.

Interior stylist North London
- What is in trend now?

- The pandemic has affected people's preferences. Now they strive even more than before to create cosiness and a sense of space in the house.

Warm, calm and natural shades have become the trend of this season. Light brown, terracotta, yellow, green and blue colours are very common. A warm range of beige, grey and white is used as the base for creating the interior.

The "less is more" approach is now close to home styling. Many people got rid of unnecessary things in order to make more space in the house.

The house has turned out to be the centre of our life in the last year. We had to organize an office, fitness, study space, and a cinema in the same place. Therefore, there is a demand for multifunctional furniture and interior items.

Rounded and clean lines, soft and textured materials enhance the feeling of a cosy atmosphere at home. Many people have begun to appreciate nature more and want to let it into the house, creating a micro garden at home.

- There is a lack of spacious houses and large rooms in London. How to visually expand the space?

- Low ceilings will appear higher if vertical elements are used in the interior: shelves, narrow bookcases, frames or paintings on the wall, vertical patterns on wallpaper or on wall decoration. Never hang short curtains that end at the level of the windowsill. Fix curtains as high as possible from the top of the window, and choose the length at least to the floor. Give preferences to low-backed furniture.

Use more horizontal elements for a narrow space, but with high ceilings. You can visually shorten the room and give it a more proportional look by painting the far walls of a narrow long corridor in a darker colour.

If you have a room of very modest dimensions and with a low ceiling, do not struggle with a small space. A bright eye-catching accent can divert attention from imperfections of the room. The principle of minimalism "will add air" to the space. A thoughtful concept of the colours and style will make the room as comfortable as possible for the owner.

- How do you see the design of the future?

- Sustainable manufacturing, delivery, consumption and recycling is more and more important to both the manufacturer and the buyer. The choice will be in favour of those companies that invest in the quality, durability and sustainability of materials.

The expression of individuality in objects is also gaining popularity. People will give more preferences to local artisans and small businesses that can provide items in limited collections and customize their products.

- Could you please give an advice for those who live in rented houses and apartments? How to make your home more personal and comfortable?

- When you are renting a home, you are limited to making it completely individual. In most cases, you cannot change the colour of the walls or floors. But it is possible to make your house your own, one where you feel comfortable. Selected details and accents will help you. Hang pretty curtains, put a rug on the floor, and add pillows and a blanket. Use different textures and prints to add variety and personality to your interior.

Small glossy or metallic elements in the room will bring dynamics and life to the space. Frames, paintings and even small shelves can be hung on special Velcro fasteners that will not leave marks when removed from the walls. On a tight budget, choose one area that you can design so that you can enjoy being there. The main idea is that interior design is, first of all, the emotions that you experience while in the house. Don't compromise; only buy items that really make you happy. It is often very difficult to independently create a thoughtful and complete design of a room in which you feel comfortable. In such cases, it is better to ask for professional advice.

Tatiana Lang
Interior Designer in London

Interviewed by: Tatyana Mezenceva
Russian newspaper Pilse UK 27.04.2021

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